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Local and National competitions, including the NHC and the Welsh National.
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Re: 2016 Comp

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PMowdes wrote:
alikocho wrote:if you confirm you will judge at the competition, then I can still allocate entries, even though the cap has been reached. Send me a PM or email.

The slots filled up very fast, in just under 12 hours.
Ali, can you make this official? guaranteed entry (paid and limited to a small number) for judges / stewards would help boost numbers.
Sure. This applies only to people who did not make it below the cap, or want to top up their entries to three.

Three guaranteed entries if you judge.

One guaranteed entry if you steward.

The organiser reserves the right to limit entries.

PM/email me.

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Re: 2016 Comp

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I have already signed up to judge, but can only do Friday. I probably wont get around to entering, so if my judging releases a slot, then it can go to a BCB member.
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