Weird Wit

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Weird Wit

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Ariel and I were happy with the spice character of the Wyeast 3944 we used on our Celis-like Wit, but we wanted to brew an APA. Alas, we ended up taking a few cues from both camps.

Grain Bill:
75% pils
10% flaked wheat
10% light candy sugar
5% Crystal (of some sort)

Mashed at 68C for 1h, batch sparge

100g Cascade for 20m
70g crushed coriander for 10m

OG: 1.063
Wyeast 3944 pitched at 25C
Fermented at 20C (ish)
Dry hopped with 50g centennial with two days before bottling
FG: 1.010, ABV = 6.9%

Tasting notes: Very noticeable hop aroma, but low bitterness. Great spice aroma and taste. Doesn't really fit with any category, but is good enough to brew again.

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