Beer for lager drinkers

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Mike Palmer
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Beer for lager drinkers

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So, as the entire population of the dark north know nothing but Tennent's or, if particularly civilised, Tartan Special, the first solo brew by Palmer's of Huxter is as follows:

65% pale Maris otter
30% carapils
5% wheat malt

Mash 68C for 30 mins, OG 1.046. 90 minute boil.

25 IBU goldings at 75 minutes
7 IBU goldings at 5 mins

Cooled to 13C and currently 30 litres are fermenting with WLP 833 Bavarian lager.

I am looking forward to the British hops and I wonder if anyone knows of a lager solely hopped with goldings? Sam Smiths pure brewed has some in but there's a lot of German in there too.
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Capn Ahab
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Re: Beer for lager drinkers

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I think Meantime London lager is all Maris otter and goldings lad.
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