Hopped-up Celis Wit

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Hopped-up Celis Wit

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Ariel and I banged out this wit beer for our entry into the belgian and french ales category, but unfortunately it wasn't ready in time. Alas, it was a good one anyway, to the point where we've gone and brewed it again! Here's the recipe for the first wit:

Grain Bill:
50% pils
40% flaked wheat
10% light candy sugar
Mashed at 68C for 1hr, batch sparge.

50g Cascade for 50m
50g toasted and crushed corriander for 15m
50g orange peel for 15m
50g Cascade for 10m

OG: 1.062
Wyeast 3944 (Belgian Wit) pitched at 25C
Fermented at 18C.
FG: 1.010, ABV = 6.8%

This yeast is very buoyant, and tends to get stuck up in the krausen. A good shake every morning remixes the yeast and keeps the fermentation going.

Tasting notes: The cascade aroma is present, and blends nicely with the spices. Mouthfeel is thicker than typical wit, with a bigger body too.

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