30-bottle wine rack - new & still boxed

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30-bottle wine rack - new & still boxed

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I bought the following from Tesco Direct in February 2011:

http://www.tesco.com/direct/ready-to-as ... pageLevel=

...and never built it. I was keen on wine-making for a little while, but it did turn out to be just a little while and I soon focused my attention on beer and never looked back.

So - this nice, sturdy rack sells at Tesco for £16.65 at the moment. I can give it to you boxed and new as you would buy it for £15 plus a packet of crisps at the Cornubia. Plus, and this has to be worth its weight in gold, it will save you the ball-ache of going to Tesco to get it. I just want rid of the bugger.

First to PM gets it!

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