Eric and Ariel's A-IPA, Round Two

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Eric and Ariel's A-IPA, Round Two

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This is the brew we've brought to the October BCB and BBC meetings. It's our second attempt at an american IPA.

The Mash:
  • 85% MO
    10% Wheat
    5% Crystal Medium
    Mashed at 68C for 1hr.
The Boil: (all hops in leaf form unless otherwise specified)
  • 100g EKG for 90m
    50g Citra for 75m
    50g Citra for 50m
    50g Perle (thanks Tim!) for 50m
    50g Summer for 10m
    50g Perle for 10m
The Fermentation
  • US-05 pitched and fermented around 20-22C.
    100g Citra pellets added 2 days before bottling
    Bottled with 135g white sugar.
Overall Stats:
  • OG: 1.057
    FG: 1.011
    ABV: 6.03%
    Brew Length: 19L
Tasting notes
  • Hop aroma dominated by Citra.
    Unclear what effect the midboil hops had.
    About the right mouthfeel and carbonation.
    One or two bottles had an off-flavor that's hard to put a finger on. Tastes somewhere between astringent and oxidized. Possibly due to bottling of some sediment.

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Re: Eric and Ariel's A-IPA, Round Two

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Thanks for the recipe, this was a cracking beer!

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