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Post by HughBeedie »

Just wanted to say thank you to RogerP. I have tried both unsoftened water (better, but not perfect - I think I needed to reduce the carbonate levels). I also have access to RO water and this has transformed my beers. Addition of a small quantity (8gm) of gypsum per 5 gals has also brought out the hoppiness.
Researching on line I did find a number of references to the undesirability of softened water, and I can certainly now confirm that.
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Re: Introduce yourself...

Post by vacant »

HughBeedie wrote:I also have access to RO water and this has transformed my beers.
Hi Hugh,

I found the same using RO. For my first RO brews I bought the water and added the appropriate chemicals. Since I got a £35 filter system I simply mix 90% RO and 10% of my very hard tap water to get the desired carbonate levels. Hardly worth bothering with a Salifert test as the hard water has been at the same level for years.
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Mitch Du-Venage
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Re: Introduce yourself...

Post by Mitch Du-Venage »

Hi All

I am Mitch. Me and a friend have started brewing in the lock down (after years of talking about it) and are having a great time with it. We are about 8 or so brews in, we currently have a lager and Weiss fermenting, an IPA, APL and Stout bottle conditioning so it is very exciting times. We are using an all grain system and brewing every other weekend. Its been very much learning as we go as neither of us have any previous background in brewing and have had a few issues along the way, whether it be spillage or equipment failing

Looking now to expand our knowledge and see where it takes us.

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Re: Introduce yourself...

Post by rodneygullick »

hi my name is Rodney i live at Radstock i have been brewing several ipa,s i am now into stouts and porters
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Post by Rusty_S »

Hi all, my names Russell, based in Bedminster. I’ve been brewing for a few years but have only just started again after a break of a couple of years because life kept getting in the way. Now back on it, currently drinking a light NEIPA that’s going down well. Would be nice to meet up with some fellow brewers when things settle down.
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