Club nights

BCB meet on the 1st Monday of every month at 8pm in the Royal Navy Volunteer, King Street.
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Club nights

Post by Rob___I »

Hello everyone, now things are starting to relax and the pubs are beginning to open up, with inside drinking permitted in the next couple of weeks... will we be meeting up again any time soon?

I’m keen for homebrew club meetings to start again - I’ve missed your beers (and you!)
Should we try to arrange using our space in the Volley again next month?

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Re: Club nights

Post by RogerP »

It's probably time to start up again.

Is there someone who can go in the Volly when they are open? (after 4pm weekdays) We would need to check they are happy to have us use the upstairs room under the same terms as before (free),

Volunteers? Maybe we could aim for the November meeting, even if it's fairly informal in order to see what we want to do in the future?
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