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Welcome to Bristol Brewers

In the beginning there was the word, and the word was "Beer".

Just after the beginning, there were a few more words, followed by a few beers, followed by a lot more words, and eventually we got to where we are today. If that doesn't make an awful lot of sense to you right now, don't worry... there won't be any tests.

In 2010 the Bristol Beer Factory held a competition for local homebrewers, where a group of likeminded individuals met and discussed the lack of local resources for craft brewers in the Bristol area, and vowed to do something about it.

Before a year had passed two local homebrew clubs had been created; Bristol Craft Brewers and Bristol Brewing Circle, and this website serving as a set of discussion forums for members of both clubs and anyone else in the region wishing to discuss brewing and other related topics.

But it doesn't stop there. Earlier this year one of our members, Ali, decided to put together a new beer competition for local brewers, which we all thought was a great idea. Ali started organising a modest BJCP sanctioned competition, only then to discover that the annual National competition had been cancelled for this year. Suddenly the Bristol Homebrew Competition became the UK National Homebrew Competition, and a bloody successful one it was too!

That brings us right up to the present. We're a mixed bunch, with absolute beginners and award winning amateurs, all the way through to hardened professionals, so if you're searching for some advice about your next brew, or just want to meet with some people who share the same obsession, you can join the discussion forums or come to one of the following meetings: